Now that we

All my apologies are used up by now, but I just need to say...

I cannot dissolve what I just got to learn
I cannot deny where my emotions burn
I cannot condemn anyone anymore
I cannot seem to find life’s ultimate score

I wanted to show you my devotion
but my devious ways
they made me behave
like a goddamned craze
I do not understand
why I acted so falsely
when all that I wanted
was to bring you more close to me

I hope you’ll forgive me, wherever you are
for being by nature
someone that gives you scars

I was never supposed to know any of this
Maybe not supposed to see God, heavens bliss
I was never the one in the first place to call
all the demons that thrive to set place in us all

So forgive me for trying if I don’t seem to see
what exists in the life that is us, that are we

Im sorry

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Alexis Örtenholm

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Publicerad: 07 sep 2003 11:49


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