I love you, I hate me

You showed me my demons and for that I thank you now. But back then, I was pretty low and confused.

Trying to find answers to things I don’t know
always leaves me so low
it seems I can’t ask without making you silent
when all I wish is an answer
that’s true

full, and true

an answer that makes me believe in you

that’s what I want to do

when you say that you love me
I want to be the only one there
the only one thats in your heart that near

I wouldn’t want you to think of someone else all the time
is that what you do when your answers leave behind
a feeling of not being quite so right
the answer "I don’t know" stares me in my face
without knowing
it disappears, my grace

it disappears

I don’t really know what to do next

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Alexis Örtenholm

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Publicerad: 09 sep 2003 08:55


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