Oh, darling - take it easy

Your stresslevels are making me sick. Calm down!

You rushed off to work
woke too late again
no breakfast in your
bleeding stomach
Your face expressing pain

How many times
must this be seen
before you realize
There’s no use working
in between
a psychosis and a fight

And even though there
was a minute, or two
before you had to go
your inside pressure
made you run to the train
is it really that fun?

I know what you’re like,
you know I did the same
I worked my ass off
trying to keep up the game
but one day I cracked
and I guess you will too
if you don’t realize this
in a month or two

I guess I could write
another poem
I could write you
a book or two
but in the end it doesn’t matter
in the end there’s noone else

noone else but you
that can make you understand
what is life
and what is strife
strife made up - not by nature,
but by man

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Alexis Örtenholm

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Publicerad: 08 sep 2003 12:58


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