Black clouds

Embrace your inner feelings if they are good or leads you towards the inner light.

Havent you heard? She asked. A Pathetic cougar who’s ego needed constantly feeding of attention. Sexual addict.

I was 25 years old, good built man, who really had to force myself to get any feeling at all for her.
She put her hand between my legs and I couldnt understand why the woman’s emancipation should be a sucess if this was a new phenomenon.

Havent you heard?
Alexander McQueen is dead! I wasnt a bit interested in
fashion and wanted to get rid of the sleazy cougar with
hanging breasts.

She didnt wait for the answer. She wasn’t interested in what I had to say. She just wanted to open my zipper and get
the organ in her mouth. I was sorry for her. Really.
I was sorry for her children, and ex husbands, I think she had a few ex men.

We didn’t know each other. I tried to talk to her. Tried to
get connected. Not for sex, but for understanding and
help her to get rid of the black clouds.

But she just got angry when I refused to accept her invite.
Turned away and order a new San Fransisco.
Her panties were wet on the front, her skirt was to high up.
I was feeling sad and ashamed. Looked around, to see if someone where looking at us. Black clouds were surrounding us.

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Madeleine Mye

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Publicerad: 15 feb 2010 12:42


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