secret part of me..

secret part of me..

almost empty time to close
clean the tables, count the change
leave for nothing just the same
cause im so bored of beeing here
same old people everywher
drinking whiskey, using time

nothings ever good nothings ever fine

dark and empty streets outside
whats the story laying there

could i be told the truth on my way home
could i see what the meaning is
to stay and feel so trapt and then
doing it all over again
doing it all over again

it insane im so aware
but braking the habits are not where i am
so i keep doing all that old
waiting for the truth to be told
that i am vaisting your days to
that i just wanna get out and be that new
person that ive created that ive explored
that ive seen growing and wanting moore
so run
run send me postcards tell the storys that shall be told
ill enyoy and i say nothing about the truth we know just you and me
cause your the secret part of me..

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Anna Bengtsson

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Publicerad: 26 aug 2007 22:27


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