I´m your man

If you want a lover I´ll do anything you ask me to.

"if you want a lover I´ll do anything you ask me to". Sjöng högtalarna ut och mannen gick sakta mot skelettet som stod en bit från honom.
"and if you want another kind of of love I´ll wear a mask for you". Mannen närmar sig skelettet.
"if you want a partner take my hand, or if you want to strike me down in anger, here I stand. I´m your man". Mannen tar skellettets hand
"if you want a boxer I will step in to the ring for you. And if you want a doctor I´ll examine every preciouce inch of you". Mannen börjar skuggboxas sedan börjar han försiktigt undersöka skelettet som en doktor.
"if you want a driver climb inside. Or if you want to take me for I ride, you know you can. I´m your man." Mannen går runt skelettet och sniffar på det, sedan rusar han därifrån.
"ah, the moon´s too bright, the chain´s too tight, the beast won´t go to sleep. I´ve been running through these promises to you that I made and I could not keep". Mannen faller på knä en bit ifrån skelettet.
"ah, but a man never get a woman back, not by begging on his knees. Or I´d crawl to you, baby, and I fall at your feet, and I´d howl at your beauty like a dog in heat". Mannen börjar kravla fram mot skelettet som om han bad att få det tillbaka.
"and I claw at heart and I´d tear at your sheet. I´d say, please, please, I´m your man."
Mannen sliter upp skortan så han blottar bröstet.
"and if you´ve got to sleep for a moment on the road, I will steer for you. And if you want to walk the street alone, I´ll disappear for you." Mannen gör några danssteg bort från skelettet.
"if you want a father for you child, or only want to walk with me a while across the sand, I´m your man." Mannen går fram tar upp skelettet och går därifrån.

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Jonas Lindman

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Publicerad: 09 jul 2006 13:41


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