A spirit, forever yours.

Sail to dawn,
where day and night
will meet again...

A morning breeze,
grass that bows
A field of questions
that were never asked
So many steps,
a land of longing
So many nails,
wood of pain

Your breath, like
joy of life
Your eyes are
seeing through
Your distant path
as flow of light
Night of thunder
in distance past

The sun broke through
that day of future
and memories that were
A ship is leaving,
sails that glow
Bow waves dancing,
wind that plays,
a whispering holding

Sail to dawn,
where day and night
will meet again
Stars and ocean
merge to one
There is no sound
There is no matter
But just a spirit,
forever yours.

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Lasse Larsson

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Publicerad: 24 sep 2003 08:45


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