Will you leave me now?

A long time ago, we were friends in harmony. Then we hit rock bottom together, for the first time...

Preparing for the worst
but hoping for the best
is the absolute conclusion
to what can I do next?

I don’t know
when my feeling’s right
not when it comes to you
I don’t know why I
feel so frightened
I don’t know, do you?
I know what it feels like,
but I’m scared to tell
I wouldn’t want to start
another private hell

So tell me my love,
have you thought of
something special?
something that will make me cry,
something you deny?
something that was never meant to
happen anyway
but then it will because you know
we all make it someday

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Alexis Örtenholm

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Publicerad: 08 sep 2003 13:00


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