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she’s not loved by victims

fubar. shes an open
a torn off arm
picked out eyes
pieces lying everywhere
her body exploded
but living still;

she’s not loved by victims

fubar. she is loved by

but she’s seduced by victims

fubar. keeps her lost love
in that broken chest
underneath scraped skin
on cold breasts
red from blood and
a pair of nipples
cut off;

and she’s fucked by victims

fubar. more broken than they
more frail
fuckable loneliness
fuckable bloody pieces
of a figure once perceived
and glorified
as human;

and she’s destroyed by victims

fubar. on hands and knees
lost and emptied
mounted girl child
feeding what is left of her
with just a little bit
just a little bit
more pain;

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Publicerad: 28 aug 2002 09:19


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