Sad thoughts at the redlight

A day that ended in tears.

I have finished my workday,
sit in my car and drive the way that I drive everyday,
stop at a redlight, one car infront of me, a crappy rusty old Volvo.

I see the couple that sits in the car thru their rear window,
he turns his head and looks at her, he smiles and shows his tongue,
he is unshaved almost having a beard.

She turns her head and looks at him, she smiles and caresses his cheek,
pretend to give him a box on the ear,
she has a long hair in a bun that a strand of hair has fallen out of,
green light, we take off,

I change lane and overtake their crappy rusty old volvo,
and I start to cry,
I miss my old man and long so much.

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Suzanne Ek

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Publicerad: 05 sep 2001 13:47


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