Just some notes

You felt the world turn while reading Merleau-Ponty in bed.
I met someone who liked to carry me.

I felt the good old speediness while reading Hume about The problem of cause and it was in the spring of 2005 and winds where chilly and I held my neurotics in a pretty steady leash.

I met someone brown eyed and wrapped my frozen body in, logic arguments about structural linguistic, torn scarves and the memory of that special feeling.

That feeling and someone carrying me home. I went about the streets on the back of a bike, my friend giving me a ride and some beer, there are always beer, always beer and those Japanese menthol cigarettes.

It was some spring I don’t remember but the sounds of some melodies would cause me trembling yearning and dwell in happybittersweetness.

Sister, we always talk about this and we talk not so much about other subjects. It could be a shame no?

I felt the world turn one notch, Merleau-Ponty and Foucault by the side of that bed in the redness of my room and in the look of those brown eyes and in the heaviness of that body upon my slender ribs. I can fit in you and I can fit you, so well.

Lover we didn’t talk too much about discourse, did we.
Lover we didn’t write too much on our essays, did we.
Lover we didn’t get too much done, did we.

Those months of April and May in 2005.

My acid in a tight leash and my trembling heart and my safety in beer, the back of my friends bike crossing the streets, Japanese cigarettes and a bag full of painkillers which I stole from the one who got released.

I somewhere there, steady amazed, enlightened fear and that feeling.

That feeling of someone carrying me home.

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Emma Färnström

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Publicerad: 30 maj 2005 21:34


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