Never Enough

A hundred voices in my head,

scream for fixes to be fed,
to be someone, to make a stand,
a better life, a greater man,

The guys the girls are always looking at,
got everything I never had,
and these people might say theyre my friends but,
why dont they understand?

...and the wounds sustained when I was young
come back to haunt me once again,
try to forgive, try to stay sane,
as I fight the windmills of my brain,

Its in my thoughts, its in my schemes,
everyday and in my dreams,
I dont want it but its always there,
its in my blood its everywhere...

the rage, the fight, the pain, the cries,
the lonliness, the lows the highs,
the fear, the courage, whats inside,
all the answers, all the "whys",
the joy, the kicks, the calm, the fire,
the angst, the dreams, love and life,
what I feel, the air I breathe,
all the things you say to me...

its not enough, its never enough.

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Rasmus Sundqvist

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Publicerad: 18 aug 2004 09:10


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